Help you offer modernized cross-border payments to serve your customers

Whether your clients need support for international money movement, cross-border payments, or both, WalletsNet can help.

Payment use cases
Accept digital wallet payments & transfers on any scenario, whatever your business model.

Immigrant Remittance

Provide your customers with seamless, simple, smooth, safe and cost-effectively remittance with our global network.

Payroll and Commission

Payout to any financial institution in our global payment network with real-time experience.

e-Commerce @PC

Buyer checkout with standard QR code and the platform get near real-time settlement.

e-Commerce @Mobile

Buyer checkout with in-apps / request to payment and the platform get near real-time settlement.

Invoice and Bill

Request to Pay is an emerging, real-time payments channel that promises benefits for merchants, banks, acquirers and billers.

Request Money (Remote & Proximity)

Keep tabs on all your requests in your APPs and send friendly reminders with a tap.

Point of sale

With the help of our network, accepting global mobile payments at your point of sale has never been easier.


A simple way to get paid across countries and currencies in-store with our standard QR code.


Provide your customers with an easy way to withdraw money to their favorite e-wallet.

Payment Instruments Simulators
A superior, seamless experience for your customers with our cross border payment network.

Digital Wallets

Interconnect with other players and expand your payment network fast, compliantly and cost-effectively.

Digital Banks

Enables banks to enjoy the value of WalletsNet and open a new market opportunity.

Money Transfer Operators

With our new payment corridors, offer your customer real-time cross-border remittances experience and less expenses.

Payment Service Providers

Offer instant settlement to your merchants by leveraging real-time cross-border payments network.